Welcome to Willow Wild... here's our story!

Welcome to Willow Wild... here's our story!

Published by XoXo-Nicole on Mar 13th 2018

Hi there, I'm Nicole, the owner of Willow Wild. Thanks for stopping by!

One day in the recent past, I walked past my reflection in the mirror and thought to myself, “Wow… that gal needs to pull herself together! I mean, seriously, what is that hot mess doing in my house?” I’m not normally one to judge, but I was in a moment of weakness… shock! It took me a few brief minute before realizing, “HOLY S#*&.... that’s me!” That was the exact moment I realized my former polished-and-trend-loving-self was gone (for now), and a bag lady was living in her place. And, it wasn't the cute, trendy, kind.

I hadn't set out with a master plan to start a trend that involved a body stuffed into a shapeless burlap sack with French-fry printed leggings and a messy bun (although, that look is kind of “en vouge” at the moment, so maybe I wasn't too far off track). The point is, this “frumpy-chic” style just sort of happened over time, as my life evolved and became busier. I was not thrilled with the results!

Like many of you, my life looks different now than it did when I was 20, the height of my “fashion-game”, if you will. I am now a wife, mom, friend, and now, business owner. In many ways, my life resembles the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians… but not in a mani-pedi-happy-hour sort of way but, more of a janitor at the state fair kind of way. My life is packed full--disordered, demanding, busy, and bursting with excitement--there is just too much to do in one lifetime! I am certain this isn’t anything new to any of you.

The point is, as my days have become busier, I’ve slowly--but certainly—noticed my wardrobe decline. This wasn’t due to my lack of interest in updating my clothing, it was merely due to my lack of time, or energy, to run another errand or spend precious time perusing for clothes that actually fit my lifestyle. And honestly, as I’ve become a bit older, I’ve noticed my tastes have changed… a lot! The clothes I love now are seriously expensive. And the clothes that fit my budget, look like something a preteen would wear to a Selena Gomez concert (nothing against SG—I love the girl. But, you get the picture).

Anyhoo, through all this, it occurred to me that I’ve struggled for awhile now. And the struggle is real!! I struggle to find a spot online that carries clothes that I really, really love, and would wear in my real life. I always seem to find styles and trends that fit my pretend life, sipping cocktails all day and attending fancy social gatherings 4-6 times a week. But, for now, that is clearly not my reality and I am incredibly grateful for that. I love being a mama, a family chef, a business woman, tribe leader. I need outfits that fit my lifestyle. I need items in my wardrobe that help me look like a slight version of my previously-mentioned-put-together self. I need those things that can transform me from a frumpy mom to a trendy fashionista in moments. The looks need to be easy, wearable, and fun.

So, ladies, here we are: strong, busy, multi-faced, empowered, women. We want to be on trend and polished and we need quick, wearable options that are affordable! We want gorgeous, feminine duds. We don’t have hours to scour the web for the latest trends. We want quality, wearable options in one place, and we want it all on budget.

Welcome, Willow Wild!

Here’s our mission: provide gorgeous, quality, wearable, options for women.

I hope you love your experience shopping with Willow Wild! Please don’t ever hesitate to comment, email, or call with suggestions for us to improve your experience—or to let us know about things you'd love to see here! YOU are the reason we exist.

Thanks for taking time out of your crazy life to read (or lightly skim) our story!

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